Baltimore City can be a tough place for lots of reasons but without our experiences we wouldn’t be who we are. For too long, we have allowed the media to falsely define us. Everyday in our city, there are hundreds of thousands of people who wake up and do their best to make our city better. Some of us work in offices, some of us work on rails or docks, some of us teach, some of us work in public safety, some of us form organizations and try to better the community - but regardless of what we do, we all want our Baltimore City to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

The COHEN|HARRIS FOUNDATION was formed by Roland S. Harris IV and Martin Cohen, of the Law Offices of COHEN|HARRIS LLC, with two goals in mind:

  1. To highlight and reward positive people; and
  2. To sponsor and provide positive events in and around our city, Baltimore City.

We hope that we can help change the narrative that sells -- Baltimore is a corrupt war zone, and instead show the people, art, and history that are all too often overshadowed by headline grabbing negativity.